Goals and mission of MRS

The Macedonian Respiratory Society (MRS) is a multidisciplinary association, founded on December 22, 1993. It has been affiliated to the Macedonian Medical Association for more than twenty years. Amongst its members are doctors who work in different fields of medicine, such as pulmonologists, specialists in internal medicine, infectious diseases, pediatricians,  specialists in occupational medicine, thoracic surgeons, oncologists, general practitioners and other specialists, who deal with the problems of respiratory pathology in their everyday work. At the moment it counts 99 active members, included in the work of 14 assemblies. Prof. Miroslav Dimitrovski was the first president and founder of MRS. 

The activities of the MRS are mainly focused on education of health workers and presentation of the latest achievements in pulmonary medicine, as well as the international guidelines in the field of respiratory topics. In order to achieve this goal, MRS organizes many annual thematic meetings, symposia and workshops, all of them CME certified. Every four years the Macedonian Respiratory Society organizes a Congress with international participation of eminent professors from the field of respiratory medicine. MRS’s activities include communication and cooperation with related international societies, as well as increasing the awareness of the population and the government institutions of the importance and socio-economic burden of chronic respiratory diseases. Our main goal is to improve the health service by establishing standards of respiratory care and promote interventions for decreasing the growing problem of respiratory diseases,  as well as continuous promotion of respiratory medicine in the country and beyond.